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Jim Acosta Karate Chop Hits White House Intern ➔ Banished

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A merry heart does good, like medicine... Proverbs 17:22 Jim Acosta knows president is in pass! In case our foreign views missed our domestic "news"... Shop items from Edifying Others tee-spring store. If you have not done so. Become a faithful supporter by signing up for reoccurring monthly donations through Paypal. Donate through Android or Apple Square Cash App. $cryptods Donation by crypocurrencies: BitcoinCash qpy0nhvfyyfe8zfhfwlqzh7cvjk4wrn8ugm2x477n9 Litecoin MQgoKvw55W2rwR4gw9qxGYUuMG9TrzTeQr Bitcoin 3HsJLXqkcjcEV3ecXGx63NmSwAFASfiYPe Ethereum 0x497f181839D9FFa278Ee4dd04676F99D58ad17a8 Subscribe to Edifying Others BITCHUTE channel. Subscribe to Edifying Others Steemit & DTube channel.!/c/edifyingothers
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