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C9 Sneaky | Dark Elementalist Lux Cosplay (+ Is Kai'Sa Too Strong?)

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Sneaky is back at it again with his 4th Cosplay: Dark Elementalist Lux. Make-up by @Mushyee. More pictures posted at @Sneaky Twitter. EPYLEPSY WARNING: If you are prone to seizures due to flashing lights, avoid 0:50 - 1:16 Footage from: March 12, 2018 ▼Editor: ▼Time Stamps [0:00] INTRO: The History of Sneaky's Stream Cosplays [2:01] Dark Elementalist Lux [5:09] Boobie Streamer Problems [6:02] Solo Queue Adventures [7:46] CLEAN Kai'Sa Game Highlight Clips [12:31] Sneaky Twirls ▼Music Used [0:00] Brad Fiedel - Terminator 2 (1991) Theme [13:02] Mentos Theme ▼ Follow Sneaky: Twitter: Twitch: Facebook: ▼ Follow...
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