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Daniel Briones sings "Maging Sino Ka Man" (Rey Valera) LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

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Wishcovery Wishful Daniel Briones delivers a mellow-sounding take on Rey Valera's timeless hit, "Maging Sino Ka Man" live on the Wish 107.5 Bus! Daniel of Bulacan is one of the five contending wishfuls on the second episode of Wishcovery. The accumulated views of this video by September 15 (12 noon) will comprise 30% of his total score. The remaining 70% will come from the competition's resident reactors come Saturday (September 16). Wishcovery is Philippines' biggest and freshest online singing competition. It follows the road to stardom of 20 aspiring singers gathered from different parts of the country. The contest enlists...
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