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What The Goat Startup Anthem - Startup Nagariya

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Presenting the Startup Anthem from What The Goat. This one is for all the people who have made it big in the startup world, or are still on the journey. PS. Watch out for the special rap in between. *And if you are still wondering about the 100 million views. Well, it is just a valuation which we faked. Like what happens in the startup world. Special Thanks - Vishnu Vankayala (CustomerLabs) Asim Ali (CustomerLabs) Mahendra Baid (Ultracash) Ankit (NextBigWhat) Ishan Vyas (Instacar) Priyanshi Chaubey (Instacar) Puneet Kumar (Nexus Ventures) Debashish Pattnaik (BigPhi) Rohit Gupta (BigPhi) Amiya Pathak (Ezcred)
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